Tour Leaders

Our fabulous trips are made even better by your experienced and professional Tour Leaders. They are available to you every step of the way, before, during and after each tour. Our Tour Leaders have been rated “excellent” in service by 95% of those who have traveled with them.

Judy Mobley – Judy’s first career was as a Special Education Teacher and Consultant, but leading groups and planning events is now her mission in life! If there’s a party you can bet Judy has not only organized it but is the center of the fun and activity! Judy has also traveled the world, experiencing more than 59 countries and is a veteran of 14 cruises. Judy received her BA and MS from Eastern Michigan University. She is often found swing and ballroom dancing at Detroit area studios and events, and is always looking for a partner on the dance floor while on a NexTour.

“I can’t wait to reconnect with all my old and meet some new travel friends through NexTour. Hope to see you on a trip soon!” – Judy


Bonnie Stefko-Brown – Bonnie is a recently retired middle school teacher who worked for 30 years for Wayne-Westland Schools. She earned her BS and MS degrees from Eastern Michigan and lives in Ypsilanti with her husband. Bonnie has experience planning trips, events and gatherings at school as well as for family and friends. Helping people have a great time has always been Bonnie's passion. Her interests include nature photography, media projects and spending time with her three grown daughters.

“I look forward to the world of travel as my new classroom. The experience of meeting new people in new places is very rewarding. I enjoy finding those common threads that bring people together.” – Bonnie


Kathie Yadach – A public school speech pathologist by training, Kathie's longtime avocation is traveling with her husband and two daughters. When she is not leading a NexTour, you will find her summering in northern Michigan or entertaining family and friends. Detail-oriented and loads of fun, Kathie looks forward to exploring new places around the globe with NexTour members. She will ensure that everyone has a wonderful time!

“I am looking forward to spreading my wings and flying into travel adventures with YOU. I intend to make your NexTour the adventure of a lifetime!” – Kathie


Office Staff

Jane Grad, Operations Manager – This lady is the jack of all trades in the NexTour offices! In addition to the “back office” duties of payroll, personnel, and payables, her Master’s Degree in Library Science from the University of Michigan qualifies her as our editor-in-chief. Jane is our on-site tech guru and works with our local destination contacts to ensure each NexTour is well-planned and reasonably priced. She also coordinates documents packages for members. Jane is a world traveler and always looks forward with great enthusiasm to her next international trip.

“It’s just great to once again be involved in the tour and travel industry. I pledge to offer excellent service to members and vendors alike.” - Jane


Kathie Reschke, President and CEO – Kathie has over 25 years experience in travel, a career she entered after auditing an industry client while working as a CPA. She has done it all, from Tour Leader to Flight Attendant to Chief Financial Officer to President of another private travel club in Detroit. Kathie holds a Bachelors degree from the University of Michigan-Dearborn, and an MBA from Wayne State University in addition to her CPA certification. Kathie occasionally travels with our members and Tour Leaders and looks forward to meeting each member personally whether at a departure or on a tour. You will find her hard at work in the office to ensure that each and every NexTour is the trip of a lifetime for our valued members.

“I find it exciting to depart on a trip no matter how long or short! After returning home, the wonderful people I’ve met and the experiences of other cultures linger in my mind until the next time I’m able to pack my bag. I am sure your travels will broaden your perspective while reinforcing your pride in our country and its culture.” -Kathie