Frequently Asked Questions

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What is NexTour Travel Club?

We are a private travel club based in metro Detroit and we provide fully escorted unique group tours to members only.  We handle all the details of your trip, providing you with time to relax, enjoy, and learn about the destination.  From departure until our return to Detroit, you are in the hands of trusted professionals and friends.

NexTour welcomes anyone; our reasonable membership fee and low annual dues allow those who may want to try a NexTour that option.  There is no further obligation to remain member; nor is there a penalty to re-join if dues have lapsed.

Why do I need to become a member of NexTour Travel Club?

Everyone is able to look at our tour offerings online at our NexTour website.  However, anyone who wants to travel with NexTour must become a member.  Why? It is very costly to publish and mail the monthly catalog.  Without a membership fee it is likely that individuals who are not serious travelers would sign up to receive the catalog.  This cost would have to be borne by traveling members in the form of higher tour costs -- low annual dues will make that less likely.

Chartering of private jets are subject to certain FAA rules and regulations regarding the advertising of the tour fares if offered to the traveling public.  By offering these trips exclusively to members of our private club, we are not subject to these advertising rules.  

What is the cost to join NexTour?

Members pay $60 per person to join (a one-time fee).  Annual dues are $36 per person ($30 per person if part of a couple residing at the same address and to which only one catalog will be sent).  Dues of new members are pro-rated for the balance of the calendar year.  In order to sign up for and participate in a tour, dues must be paid at the time of reservation and must remain current through the end of the year in which the trip returns.  Because we recognize that life circumstances change, memberships may become inactive at any time.  To reinstate, simply resume the payment of annual dues.

How is NexTour financed?

NexTour charges a modest membership fee and low annual dues to help defray administrative costs associated with designing and offering our tours to members.  Those costs include a monthly four-color catalog mailed to your home, an interactive website, a tour leader accompanying every tour, and expert travel advice.  Members who travel bear the direct costs related to their participation in each individual tour .

How many tours are offered by NexTour each year?

We offer 3-4 new tours in every monthly catalog--about 40 tours each year.  Our assortment of tours includes travel by air, coach, train, and ship.

Are all of the tours flown on commercial airlines?

International tours are flown on commercial airlines. NexTour has chartered flights to US destinations in the past, but currently there are no charter planes larger than 15 seats available in the Detroit area and we have been unable to use them. When selecting commercial flights we do our best to keep the connections to a minimum and allow sufficient time between connecting flights to insure a smooth airport experience. (One bright note: airlines tend to hold a plane if a large group is late on an incoming flight.)

Where do I park my car?

If the flight is via commercial airline, parking for members is at Valet Connections at Inkster and Wick Roads; we transfer by shuttle as a group to either the McNamara or North Terminal at Metro Airport for departure. Member parking is included in the trip cost. If the flight is a private charter, free parking is available at the private terminal from which the flight is scheduled to depart.

I've heard about mystery tours. What are they?

Generally twice a year NexTour offers a tour to a mystery destination.  Only the pilots and your NexTour Leader know the place we're headed and the fun for you is guessing!  We give you a few clues and tell you what to wear, but other than that it is indeed a mystery. We do our best to select destinations (both domestic and international) which it is likely most people have not visited. Generally these trips are packed with great included features which keep you active most of the time, since you can't research the destination and plan individual activities ahead of time.

Do I have to participate in all tour events?

Not at all!  We include some orientation tours and events which we believe will appeal to a majority of the tour participants.  We also offer optional tours which might appeal only to a more specific group.  There is plenty of free time built in on most tours to allow you to pursue your own interests.

We depart on time for activities, tours or the next city whether all NexTourists are present or not.  If you do not show up at the coach by the stated departure time, we assume you have made alternate arrangements for the day.  We have this policy because we cannot inconvenience a coach full of travelers for the convenience of one.  However, because our Tour Leaders do care and worry, they will rest easier if you mention that you are not participating that day.

Is it necessary for me to research the tour before we depart?

We'll ensure you see and often experience the highlights of each destination.  Independent research will give you an idea of what other sights you would like to see and activities in which you would like to participate.  Look online, go to your favorite bookstore, or find references at your local library for additional tourism information.  Our favorites are: Rick Steves, Fodor's, Frommer's,, and

How do I make a reservation for a tour?

There are two ways: 1) complete and mail, or fax, the reservation form in the monthly catalog or print one from our website; 2) send an email to which includes all the information requested on a reservation form.  A check for the deposit or full payment, as noted on the tour proposal, must be received at the office within three days of making a faxed, emailed or online reservation.

NOTE: On-line reservations are not currently available, but we hope to add this feature soon.

What happens next?

You will be confirmed on a trip once we have a sufficient number of travelers to operate that tour and after we have received your deposit for the tour.  We will mail you a confirmation notice and a receipt for payment.

And then what?

Mark those dates on your calendar and pack your bags!  (About a month prior to your tour departure date, you will receive a NexTour Documents Packet with any additional information you will need about your participation in the tour.)

How many NexTourists are able to go on every tour?

We generally limit each tour to only one passenger coach.  On some trips we may be able to send only 20 passengers, but others may require up to 50 to confirm the trip.  Of course, in some locations large coaches are not used and we may instead have two or three smaller vans.  If demand is sufficient we may add a second section, probably on different dates, and repeat the tour.

What about Optional Tours on my trip?

Any Optional Tours being offered will be described in your NexTour Documents Packet which you will usually receive 30 days prior to your tour departure.  Included will be instructions for signing up for these optional tours.  They are also described on the NexTour website in the Expanded Daily Itinerary, which is posted online.

How do I take my children or grandchildren on a tour?

Children younger than 18 years of age may be added to a single, couple, or family membership at no charge.  Contact the NexTour office to add the child(ren). 

Can NexTour accommodate travelers with disabilities?

On many tours, travelers with disabilities (or who use walkers or wheelchairs) cannot be accommodated.  We try to note this in the tour proposal.  Coaches are not handicap accessible.  As a rule of thumb, EVERY European, Asian, Australian or South American tour requires significant walking at a good pace, often over rough surfaces and up hills.  Members must be able to keep up with the group or be asked to limit their participation.  NexTour is unable to make arrangements for wheelchairs or cart services at airports.

All NexTourists must be in good health so as not to detract from the experience of other traveling members.  If the behavior of members impacts the experience of others, NexTour reserves the right to refund the balance of the year's dues and terminate the membership of the traveler.

Will I have to pay extra to travel alone?

Single travelers do pay more for a trip than those who choose to share accommodations.  The exact amount depends on the price the hotel or ship charges NexTour.  In the travel industry it is rare for the cost of a single room to be as low as 50% of the cost of a double room, therefore since only one individual is occupying that room, that person must absorb the entire room cost.  The difference is greatest when a hotel or ship sets room prices the same no matter whether one or two people are occupying it. Singles are not charged more for any other feature of the trip.

Will NexTour find a roommate for me on a tour?

When asked, we will try to match you with a roommate when you sign up for a tour and will confirm your participation only when one is found.  Mark your reservation form or call the office to request a roommate and we will do the rest.  If you state that you are willing to pay the single price should it be necessary, we will confirm your participation immediately.

Is there a singles social group associated with NexTour or special activities geared for solo travelers?

NexTour will treat every traveler with the same respect and concern whether he is a single traveler or part of a couple or family.  At the first opportunity during a trip, the Tour Leader will organize a get-together so single travelers can meet each other for the purpose of sharing meals and activities as a group.  There is no obligation for single travelers to join in if they prefer to travel and dine alone.  We do ask that single travelers be prepared to share a coach seat with others on the tour, and not place luggage, coats or handbags on a vacant seat until all NexTourists have found their seats on a coach.

What does the tour price include?

A NexTour includes ONLY what is listed in the 'Included Features' section of the monthly catalog or the online offering.  We always include airport parking, accommodation cost (including taxes), and some tours.  We include meals when it is necessary for the timing of our journey or when group meals offer a discounted price off the walk-in price.  We include orientation tours or specific tours that will appeal to a majority of the travelers while also striving to offer a combination of free and structured time so that members may pursue their individual interests in depth while at the destination.  Generally we do not include gratuities for local guides and service providers, passport and visa fees when required, or items of a personal nature.  Optional tours are offered on many NexTours at additional cost.

What is a NexTour Leader?

Unlike most other group tour operators, NexTour provides an administrative Tour Leader (TL) throughout your entire trip, in addition to local guides and tour escorts.  Our TLs perform a wide variety of services for members including:

  • Hosting Detroit area pre-trip socials for most international tours which allows members to meet others with whom they will be traveling
  • Answering a member's pre-trip questions either by phone or at the pre-trip social
  • Helping those who need it to navigate through the airport
  • Ensuring that all of the services which we have contracted from local suppliers are received and are of a high standard
  • Answering member questions about accommodations and included features while on tour
  • Organizing activities in addition to those listed in the tour proposal while on tour. For example: a trivia team composed of only NexTour members to compete on a cruise ship; a first night gathering of single travelers to ensure everyone has a group to join for dinner; a return for an interior visit to an interesting landmark seen earlier during a highlights tour
  • Ensuring certain club traditions are upheld and are consistent from tour to tour such as: 1) coaches departing on time, 2) our coach seating rotation policy, which ensures that everyone has a chance to sit at the front of the coach if they desire
  • Hosting a Detroit area post-trip gathering for some trips, to remember and share the good times had by all.


Does NexTour have a dress code?

A dress code is not enforced while traveling with NexTour, however, we ask you to remember that you are representing the membership, our state and our country whenever you travel.  We ask that appropriate attire be worn while in flight and on tours.  People at the destination invariably treat well-dressed travelers better than those who are not.  Neat, clean shirts and slacks (which can include jeans) for all, and also dresses and skirts for women are strongly encouraged.  Work clothes, bathing suits, tanks or halter tops, muscle shirts, short-shorts, and exercise attire (such as sweat suits or spandex tights, leotards or bike shorts) are frowned upon.  Some hotels, resorts, cruises, or restaurants may have specific dress codes and you will be informed of those in your NexTour Documents Packet.

Why am I limited to one piece of checked luggage, even if airlines and cruise lines allow more?

Each NexTourist is allowed one checked bag and one carry-on bag.  Many times you must handle your own bags, whether at airport check-in or after it is delivered to your hotel room.  One bag plus a carry-on is a lot to handle (you are also handling your purse, camera, coat, etc.).  Even when we charter a flight we must have a limit of one checked piece per person.  The biggest reason only one bag is allowed is because of the coach limitations at our destination.  A coach is designed to have room for one bag per person in its luggage compartment.  Since many of our 'carry-on' bags are too large to put in the overhead compartment of a coach, they will also take up valuable space in the luggage compartment underneath the coach.  We are sorry that you will be limited to only one checked bag and one carry-on per person, but please understand the space limitations in all areas of the trip.

On occasional trips, when conditions permit, you may be allowed an additional checked bag.  This will be noted in your documents packet.

Where is the NexTour office?

Our lovely office is located in Livonia, on the east side of Farmington Road, just north of Six Mile Road.  Feel free to stop in, Monday through Thursday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

NexTour Travel Club
17292 Farmington Road
Livonia, MI 48152
Phone: 734-338-3800
Fax: 734-338-3803

More questions?  Email us at or call the office!