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Message From The President

April, 2019

Kathie Reschke  

Spring greetings, NexTourists!

As you may have heard, the Spring Mystery Tour went to Norfolk, Virginia. The weekend was full of the sights and sounds of the Virginia Arts Festival. As a group we attended the Virginia International Tattoo, dined in a re-purposed church, visited two plantations, one of which was the home of President John Tyler, and enjoyed an afternoon harbor cruise.
The Fall International Mystery, which is offered on the facing page, promises to be a blockbuster! We’re headed to a beautiful area in prime time and this destination has never been offered by NexTour nor, near as I can tell, by our predecessor, the Nomads. Take a chance—we promise you’ll love it!
On an administrative note, I once again ask you to sign up early for trips—hopefully as soon as they are offered. We often hear comments from members about waiting until a trip is confirmed before they indicate their interest in participating. You can’t believe how difficult and time consuming it is to try to add travelers to a group once we have released rooms, bought activity tickets, down –sized transportation, and released group air space. In addition, your reservation might make the difference as to whether we operate or cancel a tour. Many hotels will only give us 30 days from our offering to hold space and after that rooms are subject to availability. It’s in everyone’s best interest to reserve early! Remember, we don’t cash your deposit checks until we declare the tour a ‘go’.
Lastly, we ask you to SAVE THE DATE for a Fall Harvest member event. Put Sunday, September 29 on your calendar for an afternoon of fun and camaraderie with folks you’ve traveled with in the past. Details will follow.
Happy Travels,
Kathie Reschke
Kathie Reschke