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Azores Islands

Detroit to Boston and a quick flight to the Azores Islands, 400 miles off the coast of Portugal!



The city center of Ponta Delgada with its beautiful cobblestone streets and... statuary.



The group of walkers who made it to the viewpoint high up in Ponta Delgada!


Time for dinner






Exploring the boiling springs of the Furnas area  
's hot!



Waiting for our lunch which had been prepared that morning and cooked all day in the hot springs





The end result was a wonderful assortment of meat and vegetables.




Visiting the Gorreana Tea Plantation, the only tea plantation in Europe.  Such beau-tea-ful scenery!




Santa Iria lookout on the North Shore of Sao Miguel



The iconic Visa do Rei viewpoint which overlooks the two lakes of Sete Cidades 



Lagoa city and the Vierira Pottery Factory



We stopped at Lagoa do Fogo, supposedly a beautiful lake in a crater. The lake lived up to its name--our guide and driver attempted to blow the fog away.  



A liquor factory in Ribeira Grande. YAY for free samples!




Enjoying the views from Ponta do Sossego View Point



Exploring Ponta Delgada



Happy Birthday, Earl!