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Discovering the Rhone River Valley


Setting sail on the Avalon Poetry II to discover the Rhone River Valley.




Celebrating the Fourth of July in style




Exploring Le Jardin d'Eden in Tournon with the resident "Chat"



The ship was a great place to relax on a HOT July day.




Enjoying a guided "Ghost Walk" in Viviers.  It was lovely to stroll among the Plane trees. It is said that Napoleon ordered them to be planted to provide shade for his troops.



A discovery excursion to Bollene Lock and Hydo-Power Plant in Avignon



The lavender fields were in bloom and were a treat for the eyes and nose!



A walk along the cobblestone streets in Arles brought us to the grand Roman amphitheater which is still used today.



In the amphitheater we met a retired bullfighter and learn about the tradition of bullfighting in France.  A Nextourist was chosen to try on his bullfighting garb.  





Vincent Van Gogh lived in Arles for a while.  It was fun to see the places he painted while there.  This is the hospital where he spent time recovering from the loss of an ear.




A river boat is a great place to celebrate a birthday!